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My name is Jeff Millett, and I started IcebreakerGames.Net 10 years ago in an effort to help managers, teachers, good friends, administrators - LEADERS, such as yourself.

During those 10 years, my games and activities (all in digital form, so you can instantly download them) have been enjoyed by thousands of people, of all ages, in various settings (as seen below) throughout America and in 16 other countries.

This site specializes in poviding group resources that "break the ice" when they get their group together - especially for the first time - in meetings, seminars, classrooms, parties, presentations, reunion and other events like these.

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The Ultimate Collection Of Ice Breaker Games & Activities!

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It's Not Called The ULTIMATE BUNDLE For Nothing.

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Ultimate Group Activities
The ultimate collection of fun ice breaker games and group activities. This collection will promote team work, unity and trust all while having fun and getting to know each other better. Perfect for youth and adults alike.

Perfect For: Family Parties, Office Games, Youth Nights, Church Activities, Classroom Games & Corporate Events

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Powerful Team Building Activities
This set of awesome group activities are specifically designed for team meetings, church groups, classrooms, family reunions and sports/youth camps. Build trust and friendship that will improve all aspects of your team by helping them grow together.

Perfect For: Office & Church Games, Youth Nights, Family Parties, Classrooms

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$9.97 - Just $4.97 (50% Off)
Ice Breakin' Get To Know You Games
Increase cohesion, unity and help your group have fun all at the same time. Use a few of these get to know you activities during your event and friends, family and co-workers will leave knowing thet are better, stronger people.

Perfect For: Family Reunions, Corporate Events, Church Activities, College/Elementary Classrooms and Summer Camps

Buy Individually ⇒
$9.97 - Only $4.97 (50% Off)

100 Get To Know You Questions
A completely unique list of 100 get to know you questions.

Sample Questions...
  • If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be and who would play you?
  • Are you a morning person or a night person?
  • What is your all time favorite quote?
  • What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

  • Buy Individually ⇒
    $3.97 - This One is Free!

    Get To Know You BINGO
    This "one of a kind" get to know you BINGO game is perfect for both kids and adults. It doesnt matter if your group has 10 people or over 100 people, this collection of unique BINGO questions allows individuals in your group to open up, and get to know each other better.

    Perfect For: Family Parties, Office Games, Youth Nights, Church Activities, Classroom Games & Corporate Events

    $2.97 - Also, Totally Free!

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    Here's What A Few Of My Happy Customers Have To Say...

    Your ebooks made for some fantastic mid-day team exercises. We appreciate the time and effort you put into gathering all these wonderful ideas in one place.
    - Rick Brown

    I am a leader of a group of over 100 grown men in my church. I used 2 of your get to know you games to help build unity and help them break out of their "shells" to interact with one another. It was a great success and many of them came up to me afterwords and told me how it was an enjoyable the experience.
    - Adam White

    The games were great! I used your "Get to Know You BINGO game" for National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day - we had over 100 kids and they had a blast. It really got them interacting together. I'm looking forward to playing more games in the future!
    - Kathy

    I used your "Man, Monkey, Woman" game during a youth night at my church and it was so much fun that the leaders were even playing it! It was hilarious!
    - Robert

    Hey, I just thought you should know that while planning a B-day party for my best girl friend and about 8 additional ladies I happened upon your website. All I wanted were a few quick, fun and easy ideas I could use at a small girly party... fortunately I did find some on you website. The Skittles game was a hit! So much so that I only regret not buying more Skittles. lol
    - Julie

    I love giving the kids a break once and a while. The book with all the circle games in it are really easy and really fun for my students. Thank you from me and the kids.
    - Mrs. Glimmer

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    A How-To Guide On Choosing, Planning And Leading Group Games.

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    This BUNDLE Is Over A $70 Value
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    I ended up using your game 'Sweet Confessions' at a small little party I threw for one of my girlfriends. We had a blast, up until we ran out of Skittles. lol
    - Sarah Cray

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